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Lovely clients, nice words…

“Rethink have taken us on a journey on which we’ve all worked together to ensure that our rebrand was more than just a new coat of paint, but a new way of working that’s infused through everything we do. Their specialist knowledge of the estate agency business as well as marketing and branding is a rare combination. The result is we now have a service offering that’s strongly differentiated from our competition and a set of brand materials that look great and read well. This is already having a positive effect on our business and I am sure this will accelerate over the months and years to come.”

Will Smith, Complete, South Devon

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“We have now worked with Charlie and his team at Re-Think Marketing for a number of years and have been delighted with the improvements he has helped us make to our brand. Being fairly well established in our area, we were concerned about making drastic changes and alienating our existing client base. Charlie has listened to feedback from our staff and customers alike, and used this to sympathetically modernise every aspect of our service. The results have been significant, from the increase in traffic to our new website, to the vast improvement in the response to our ongoing marketing and advertising. We look forward to continuing to work with Charlie as our business grows and develops.”

Chris Hounsome, Director, Mansell McTaggart, Sussex

“We’ve always had a brand that we’re proud of, but since working with Rethink I am more comfortable with our brand now than I have ever been in my working life. As a result, I now find winning listings easier than I have ever done; we’ve always been brilliant at what we do, but our marketing now gives people that sense of confidence that we know what we’re doing and are the right people to market their home.”

Mark Templer, Mark Templer Residential, Somerset

“Well now I’ve had a chance to breathe and digest the booklet amongst the panic [of opening a new office]. Absolutely top marks. It looks fantastic, both artwork (fun) and content (the AR tone). Thank you very much for your good work.”

Luke Simpson, Aston Rowe estate agents, London W3 & W6

“Charlie has been amazing from start to finish. [I was] sceptical at first but he helped us in the first instance to identify our principal strength (when you’ve been around for 130 years that’s not as easy as you might think) and the message which sets us apart from and ever increasing crowd of estate agents. From this he has very cleverly been able to thread our point of difference into all of our marketing, from websites and brochures to traditional ads and mags and sale boards. We are now looking forward to reaping the rewards of our investment! We’re sure it will have been well worth it. Oh and by the way he’s a great chap to work with too, what you see is what you get, a genuine guy, full of experience and a passion for what he does.”

David Gibson, Whitton & Laing, Exeter

“Just to say finally I am using the messaging and proposition we developed in our workshop during all my talks and meetings here, really ensuring the staff get the message that from now it has to be a forethought for every transaction, every call we take, every question we face. It’s really, really helped us in more ways than one –raising the bar on standards throughout. Thank-you Charlie”.

Kate Jones, CJ Delemere, London N10

“Having overseen our own marketing for five years, we decided to bring in the professionals to get our new message across as [the area’s] top selling estate agency office, and to update our brand. [Rethink] were recommended as specialists in estate agency marketing.

They did not just orchestrate and manage the rebrand, but formulated a complete new strategy which, now it’s live, is our dream come true and got the whole town talking!

Over a 6 month period we compiled a whole new approach and business plan which has seen us increase our average fee and grow 20% per year for the last 3 years. We could not have achieved this without Rethink.

I would advise any forward thinking agency to talk to Charlie.

A client who doesn’t want to give away their secrets…!

“I was totally blown away by Charlie’s audit of our marketing, which went way beyond my expectations. His specialist knowledge of estate agency means that his ideas on how to make us stand out from the crowd were not gimmicks but solid yet innovative, and would work well with our market. I would recommend that any agency who, like Cooper Adams, continually strives to improve, should have this marketing audit. Except those in East Preston!”

Shaun Adams, Cooper Adams, East Preston, West Sussex

Charlie assisted Brand Vaughan at a time where we wanted faster company growth. Over a 6 month period we compiled a whole new approach and business plan which has seen Brand Vaughan grow 20% per year for the last 3 years – I would advise any forward thinking agency to talk to Charlie

Jason Brand, director of Brand Vaughan

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