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3D Marketing

Our unique 3D Marketing programme must be the country’s most complete and in-depth estate agency marketing package. 

It’s specifically designed to

  • make your service stand out
  • devise a message that will make people sit up
  • tell your world all about why you’re different.

At the end of the process you’ll

  • be invited to more valuations
  • convert a greater share of them to instruction
  • feel less pressure to drop your fees to win that instrution.

How it works

Working with you over a few months period, we will:


  • what your customers like most about your service…
    …and what they think you could do better
  • why they chose you
    … and why others chose your competitors
  • which parts of marketing spend are returning the most
    … and where you can save some money in the future
  • which sectors of your market offer most opportunity to grow your profit
  • which key statistics will help demonstrate your performance to your clients.


  • work with you to define your message
  • compile the evidence to prove this message
  • make recommendations on making your service better than anything your competition can offer.


Then we’ll write and design all the items you’ll need to get the message out:

  • a vendor or landlord brochure outlining your full set of messages
  • advert templates which convey your messages, as well as property listings
  • a set of ‘sold-nearby’ templates (but not like most agents do)
  • carry our photography of your team
  • property detail templates
  • email and printed newsletter templates
  • market reports
  • work with your web designers, or our preferred partners, to deliver a stunning new website
  • and anything else that you think might be needed.


We first devised this programme in 2004 and have continually refined and improved it ever since. Our clients to date have found this exercise incredibly valuable. That’s why it’s only available to one agency per town in any 12-month period.

But it’s not for every agency. Those that want to just keep ticking over, doing what they’ve always done, will be scared by it.

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