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Rethink Marketing Logo

A bit about us…

Rethink specialises in helping estate agents and lettings agents produce outstanding marketing.

We help you work out how to make your service stand out.

And then we help you communicate it to your audience.


We believe…

Hello I’m Charlie Snell. I’ve been in marketing for nearly 25 years now.  I’ve worked for big companies and small ones (which I much prefer) and mostly in the technology and property sectors.

In 2000 I became head of marketing at Propertyfinder.com (remember them? Now Zoopla). While there I saw an opportunity to help estate agents and lettings agents with their marketing – helping them differentiate themselves and then communicate that to their customers.

I’ve also had a foray into running my own estate agency in Brighton, but quickly realised that opening just before the property crash of 2007 was not the best thing, and was frankly not brave enough to risk my house on it.

But we got our marketing right, and I learned a ton more about estate agency marketing in the process, making the advice I give agents on strategy and communications all the more realistic and poignant.

No creative flouncing about. Promise.

As a marketing agency we’re clear about one thing. You’re the real boss. We’ll push you, we’ll challenge what you say and think because that’s what you’re paying us for.

But at the end of the day if you want your logo in lurid pink, that’s what you get.

We also understand that for some clients, creating a website or brochure is an iterative process, where you shape your opinion as you go along (a bit like selling a property to a new applicant can be!).

If you want to see how the brochure would look with a black border, that’s fine, we’ll show you. We might not always agree, and we might propose an alternative – but if you want to see it, we’ll do it, and if it’s right, we’ll use it.

Rethink Marketing is a trading name of Fresh Approach Marketing Ltd. Registered in England no. 05191380. Vat no 943304343.