Rethink Marketing Logo
Rethink Marketing Logo

Rethink Marketing are specialists in estate agent marketing.
With in-depth knowledge of the industry we’ll make sure what your brand says on the outside matches what you do on the inside.


For agencies who want to be the best in their area, and be known for it.

  • what people think about your agency
  • why some valuations don’t convert
  • which markets sectors offer the most opportunity
  • which of your marketing spend is most effective
  • clearly define your USPs
  • define the message that sets you apart from your competitors
  • the tools you need to tell everyone about you


Logo & Identity

get a stunning logo that evoke what you’re all about, is memorable, recognisable and make you smile

Client Feedback System

get feedback from your clients with our unique feedback system

Valuation Emails

create a great first impression with a stunning HTML email confirming all the details of your valuation appointment

Property Details Templates

not to be overlooked, our brilliant templates show your clients how much effort you put into getting things right

Advert Templates

you advert should do more than list properties, it should tell people why you’re great

Market Report

show people your mastery of your area, with an in-depth market report – researched, written and designed just for you

Printed Newsletters

hook-in readers with our monthly content programme, then show them how good at selling property you are

Email Newsletters

keep a gentle touch on all the people on your database, so you’re front of mind whenever they think of selling

Sold Nearby Templates

show people not just that you’ve sold a property, but how well you sold it, with our unique ‘sold nearby’ templates

Rethink Marketing is a trading name of Fresh Approach Marketing Ltd. Registered in England no. 05191380. Vat no 943304343.